Spring 2022 Virtual Conference

When: April 29, 2022 (8:45 am – 3:10 pm)
Where: Online event
Registration: Register Here

The state of Michigan is experiencing a teacher shortage crisis. A crisis that is exacerbated by the pandemic. The shortage has created a great deal of uncertainty and disruption in districts and schools across the state and is likely to persist moving forward. In fact, this issue has intensified noticeably over the past two years causing daily administrative issues that are impacting how classrooms are going about teaching students. Staffing problems are to the point where schools have had to turn to virtual learning or close their schools for a period of time. The shortage is a complex problem for the entire education system that is driven by COVID along with many other factors. Please consider spending the day (April 29) with us to deepen your understanding of the drivers that contribute to this problem and learn about potential strategies that could help make a difference at your school setting.

  • “District/School Level Teacher Shortage Testimonies” – Melissa Saleh, Elementary Principal, South Lake Community Schools and Leadriane Roby, Superintendent, Grand Rapids Public Schools (Local)
  • “Teacher Shortages: a perfect storm in the making before and during the pandemic” – Elaine Weiss, Policy Director, National Academy of Social Insurance (Federal)
  • “The lessons we learned and the solutions to the teacher shortage problem as we move forward” – Emma Garcia, Senior Researcher, Learning Policy Institute (Federal)
  • “The Real Teacher Shortages and How to Solve Them” – Sandi Jacobs, Executive Director, Baltimore City Public Schools (Federal)
  • “Michigan’s Education Workforce: What do the data really say?” – Kelli Cassaday, Education Consultant, MDE Office of Educator Excellence and Kate Boswell Gallagher, Manager of the Data Accountability Unit, MDE Office of Educator Excellence (State)
  • “A District’s Response” – Arnetta Thompson, Superintendent, Muskegon Heights and Rané Garcia, Director, MDE Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (Local)
  • “State Assessments 2022. . . How’d we do?” – Andy Middlestead, Director, MDE Office of Educational Assessment & Accountability (State)
  • “What to Expect for Michigan’s 2022 School Accountability Systems?” – Christopher Janzer, Assistant Director, MDE Office of Accountability (State)