Fall 2022 Conference

When: November 21 (9:00 am – 4:30 pm) and November 22 (9:00 am – 3:30 pm)
Where: Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn
Registration: Register Here

So, how do you know that it (program, initiative, strategy) is working? These types of questions, among others, are often raised as a part of a comprehensive educational evaluation process. Program evaluation questions can promote opportunities for deep reflection as stakeholders interact with collected and analyzed data that is used to determine whether a program/initiative/strategy is effective and efficient. With high expectations for incorporating district-wide program evaluations, especially when local, state, and federal grant money is involved, it is important that the process meets fidelity. With fidelity, the data collected, along with collaborative reflection responses to questions promotes continuous improvement decision-making opportunities across the learning organization. Consider attending our Fall 2022 in-person conference to gain a deeper understanding of program evaluation and how that learning can be incorporated into your district’s program evaluation process and help your district move closer to the changes you may seek.

DAY 1 (11/21/22)

  • “How Much Student Achievement is Enough? — The State of State Education Standards” – Mark Reckase, Michigan State University, University Distinguished Professor Emeritus
  • “Seeing the Logic in Program Evaluation – Linking What We Do to What We Get” – Janet Callis, Oakland Schools, State and Federal Programs Consultant and Jonathon Good, Oakland Schools, Continuous Improvement and Equity Data Consultant

DAY 2 (11/22/22)

  • “Evaluation and Local Empowerment: The importance of Capacity and Relevance” – John Yun, Michigan State University, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Administration
  • “Student Achievement Growth in Michigan During the COVID-19 Pandemic” – Tara Kilbride, EPIC, Assistant Director
  • “Meaningful Program Evaluation” – Jason Hamstra, Administrator of Data and Reporting, Summit Academy North Schools and Alicia Jenkins, Curriculum Director, Summit Academy North Schools
  • “New and Upcoming Reports on MI School Data” – Cheryl Twichell, CEPI, Senior Analyst
  • “Assessment Soup: What’s in the pot this year? Does it need more salt?” – Andy Middlestead, Director, Office of Educational Assessment & Accountability
  • “2022 Accountability Cycle Review and Update of Future Plans” – Christopher Janzer, Assistant Director, MDE Office of Accountability


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Shortly after the conclusion of the conference, registrants will have access to conference materials at the MERA website (www.merainc.org).

 Conference Location

Conference Location

Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Lodge

One Covered Bridge Road

Frankenmuth, Michigan 48734

* Please make lodging arrangements directly with the Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Lodge (989) 652-7200 which has special rates for MERA conference attendees.