Spring 2024 Conference

Join us for the MERA Spring 2024 Conference on the campus of Lansing Community College on May 10, 2024. Get ready for a conference filled with insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and valuable learning experiences.

The Michigan Educational Research Association (MERA) Spring Conference will continue their thread, from the Fall 2023 conference, regarding the possible impact of artificial intelligence (AI). This spring thread will focus on the educational aspect of AI and its potential implications it may have on our learning environments. In addition to AI, other topics for the spring will include a representative from the Governor’s Office who will highlight the Governor’s current educational priorities, NAEP testing information, the possible impact from the expected teacher evaluation changes along with a chance to have hands on experiences with available data files from the MI School Data Portal. The variety of topics from the expert presenters will push your understandings to a new and exciting level. The Lansing Community College West Campus provides a central location for you to travel and an environment where opportunities will be made available for you to reflect and hold conversations with many colleagues from throughout the state of Michigan. Please consider attending. You will not be disappointed.

Our Mission

The mission of the Michigan Educational Research Association is to promote accurate, high quality, appropriate and ethical use of research, assessment, and evaluation practices that improve teaching and learning in education.

The Need

There are many forces of change at work in education. Site based management, total quality learning, alternative assessment, individualized instruction, inclusion, and many other new teaching, learning, assessment and management practices are calling for more use of relevant data or information in decision making.

Many of these changes are caused by federal and state initiatives. Often, these changes are being mandated with little regard for research to support the conclusions.

MERA has been and continues to be an organization that supports innovative changes that are supported by valid research.


Share and exchange ideas, techniques, materials, and procedures used in educational research, assessment and program evaluation.

Promote the value and importance of the role of educational research and evaluation in education. Encourage appropriate and ethical use of research, assessment, and program evaluation techniques for the improvement of education.

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Dave Treder