2020 Michigan Educational Research Association Virtual Fall Conference


MERA has had an in-person November Conference the week of Thanksgiving, in Frankenmuth, for decades. Like others who have historically offered face-to-face conferences, MERA will now present a virtual conference this Fall (2020). The conference will run for two half days (mornings) on November 23 and 24. Our conference focus will be on sharing timely information tied to the topic of the Whole Child. As in the past, we will infuse appropriate data and provide extensive resources tied to the topic. There is a section for registering below and someone available to answer any of your questions. The MERA Board is very excited and challenged to bring this conference to your technology device. Please join us, virtually, for what is expected to be a very thought provoking two half day conference.

MERA Virtual Conference – 1st Half Day

When – Monday, November 23rd, 8:30 a.m.  – 12:00 p.m.

Where – This is an online event

Presentation Day 1

  • “Assessing Non-academic Attributes of Students” – Patricia Reeves, WMU, Professor of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology
  • “The Use of Assessment as a Trauma Informed Intervention” – Stephanie Grant, Director of Community Education & Advocacy

MERA Virtual Conference – Day 2

When – Tuesday, November 24th, 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Where – This is an online event

Presentation Day 2

  • “Discussing the Strength of Evidence in terms of Conditions and Context of People and Organizations: Special Applications for K-12 Education” – Ken Frank, MSU, Foundations Professor of Sociometrics Measurement and Quantitative Methods and Qinyun Lin, MSU, College of Education
  • “Local Data, Local Capacity, Local Solutions: Mobilizing Local Systems to Improve Student Outcomes” – John Yun, MSU, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Administration
  • “MI School Data Portal Redesign” – Roderick Bernosky, CEPI, Data Support Manager and Cheryl Twichell, CEPI, Senior Analyst
  • “Assessment in the Year 2020 (Don’t ask me, I don’t know)” – Andy Middlestead, Director, Office of Educational Assessment & Accountability
  • “Updates Connected to Michigan’s Accountability” – Christopher Janzer, Assistant Director, MDE Office of Accountability


Please click the link below if you are interested in registering for the November 2020 MERA Conference. If you are planning on attending, it is recommended that you do so sooner rather than later.

Registration Link: https://catalog.geneseeisd.org/catalog/eventdetails/1806

Cost: (Select one during online registration)

* $75 – Two Half Day Early Bird Registration Fee (Thru November 15, 2020)

* $95 – Two Half Day Registration Fee (November 16 – Nov. 20, 2020)

* $30 – Two Half Day Retired or Student Registration

SCECHs are pending

Advanced on-line registration is encouraged in order to gain a virtual seat at the conference.

Once registered, a conference Zoom link and additional information (i.e. presenter materials, agenda, etc.) will be made available to registrants as we draw closer to the conference dates.

If you are only able to submit your registration by mail, please do so, along with your payment, prior to November 16, 2020. Send it to the following address:

Michigan Educational Research Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 164

Thompsonville, MI 49683

*If you have any questions regarding your mail registration payment, you can contact Jim Gullen at jgullen@michiganassessmentconsortium.org.

Our Mission

The mission of The Michigan  Educational Research Association is to promote accurate, high quality,  appropriate and ethical use of research, assessment, and evaluation practices  that improve teaching and learning in education.

The Need

There are many forces of change  at work in education.  Site based management, total quality learning,  alternative assessment, individualized instruction, inclusion, and many other  new teaching, learning, assessment and management practices are calling for more  use of relevant data or information in decision making.

Many of these changes are caused  by federal and state initiatives.  Often, these changes are being mandated  with little regard for research to support the conclusions.

MERA has been and continues to be  an organization that supports innovative changes that are supported by valid  research.


Share and exchange ideas,  techniques, materials, and procedures used in educational research, assessment  and program evaluation.

Promote the value and  importance of the role of educational research and evaluation in education.Encourage appropriate and  ethical use of research, assessment, and program evaluation techniques for the  improvement of education.

For further information contact:

Dave Treder


Telephone:   810-591-4971