MERA Spring 2018 Conference – Info, Updates, and Looking Down the Road a bit in the State of Michigan

The MERA Spring 2018 conference will be on May 4th, 2018 at the Eagle Eye Conference Center located in beautiful Bath, MI!


Eagle Eye Conference Center

15500 Chandler Road

Bath, MI 48808

The conference brochure is located HERE and see below for the full conference agenda.




8:45—9:30 A.M. Leah Breen
The Michigan Department of Education will discuss current Educator initiatives intended to help Michigan become a Top 10 state in 10 years. The initiatives span the educator pipeline and focus on recruitment, preparation, certification, placement retention, evaluation and recognition.

9:45—11:45 A.M. Ken Frank & Kaitlin Obenauf
Ken will share his research on social capitol and how it can positively advance teacher impact on reform and student outcomes. He suggests that schools can build social capitol through a framework of “Balancing Voices” among key stakeholders (teachers, administrators and community) during conversations that focus on change and educational reform. During this framework process, ensuring ways of engaging the interests of stakeholders that includes decision-making, can promote a greater in-vestment in aspects of educational innovation and in one another.
Kaitlin will follow Dr. Frank’s session with a presentation on how teachers are turning to social media (Pinterest) to connect with other teachers for the purpose of meeting the academic needs of their students. Kaitlin will explore multiple facets of utilizing online educational resources while incorporating worthwhile discoveries into the classroom environment.

11:45—12:30 P.M. Lunch

12:30 —1:00 P.M. Andrew Middlestead
Andy will present on the progress of this years assessments, as well as provide updates to any changes that may be coming in the fall.

1:00—1:30 P.M. David Judd
Dave will discuss ongoing work at MDE in the data and systems area. He will also highlight some of the MDE projects that are utilizing and benefiting from the Michigan Data Hub.

1:45—2:15 P.M. Kelsey Heckert
MiSchoolData kicks off 2018 focused on the reimagining of MiSchoolData as the State of Michigan’s education portal. The presentation will cover recent efforts like the Parent Dashboard for School Transparency and sitewide modernizations and later preview what’s to come with a major site redesign to improve usability and package our data into stories.

2:15—3:00 P.M. Christopher Janzer & Chad Bailey
Chris and Chad will provide a brief refresher of the new accountability index followed by some discussion of the 2016-17 results. We will also discuss how growth information is calculated and used in the new accountability system.

3:00—3:45 P.M. David Treder
Finally, Dave will share his analysis regarding the Michigan School Accountability Index that will unveil a number of interesting tidbits that may have you talking to yourself on your ride home.

3:45—4:00 P.M. Conference Raffle Drawing
Multiple prizes available for those with winning raffle tickets.